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Monday, May 10, 2010



Herm, lately I noticed that I've been infected by such a
dangerous 'virus'. The symptoms are;

-My intelligence seems like downgrading,
-My reactions became slower,
-Feeling sleepy all the time,
-Having this urging feeling of 'want to stick to the laptop',
-Increasing body weight,
-Feeling lazy,
-'I-want-to-eat-all-the-time' symptom,
-The feeling of my Iman is lowering down.

Herm, after doing some check up, which only took several seconds,
I've identified the 'virus', and the 'virus' is; static.

Well, actually it's a virus caused by a super-long-not-well-planned-holiday.

So my friends, if you're having the same symptoms (3 or more) like I'd right now,
DO take some proactive actions.

Take some notes, you can still sharpen your brain even while you're
in front of your computer, just make full use of Wikipedia. I bet you have
just thousands of things that you don't know (and forget) about those
things in Physiology, Biochemistry, and Anatomy, and I swear, using the
Wikipedia is hell lot easier than reading those Vanders, Marks', and Gray's.
At least when we're in 2nd year, we don't have to revise everything all again.

Next, why don't you start memorizing those Surah(s) that we're supposed
to memorize for the next semester? Don't know where to start? I'll say,
maybe from Surah Al-Qiyamah (as it is one of the easiest)? You choose.

What else? Herm, the list will just go on forever, but the simple rule
is,just make it worth your time and could benefit your future (I don't
think watching those Korean dramas, dancing, gags, etc. will give you a better
future?). Don't bash me if I'm wrong (IF ONLY I'm wrong).

Penutup: My main point is..

"Pemuda itu ibarat air, dan demi Allah, air jika dibiarkan ia
tidak bergerak; statik, nescaya ia akan rosak (berkeladak, kuman terkumpul etc.)"

Whatever it is, this post is actually for myself. But, if you think
that you can get something from this post, then DO THINK.

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Tasniim AHY said...

ha3, another typical hols mood. gud luck to overcome it.