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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"You are a Muslim?"


It'd been so long since I last posted my last entry.
When was it? Nah, as if I care.

Anyway, here you go. A new post.

Ah,for this post, I think I am going to write it fully in English.
So please bear with me if there's any grammatical/(or anything like that)
error/s. So long as everyone can understand what I'm trying to say,
then I think it is ok~


Yeah, you've read the title, so what about it?

What I'm trying to say is, everyone of us
had at least once said that we're a muslim.
(I don't know if there's any non-muslim that's
interested to read my blog).

You're saying that you're a muslim all the time

What? Don't you believe me? Ok then, let us check it together.

How many times do we perform the obligatory pray a day?

5 times right? 2 rakaah for Subh, 4 rakaah for Dhuhr, 4 rakaah for 'Asr
3 rakaah for Maghrib, and another 4 rakaah for Isya'.

So from all those, how many times of tasyahhud had we recite?

Once during Subh, and twice for every other time making altogether; 9 times a day.

Ok,ok,ok! Enough with that Ibnuroslee, we know that
we said we're muslims. So? What's your point?

If you said you are a Muslim, then act like one!

My main point here is about our act.

Did you ever know that your behavior are being judged by the others?

Yep! The people out there, they are judging your behavior.

The law of their judgement are very simple; when you'd done something
good, you're praised for your own good.

"Very nice Mr.X, you're so kind. May I know your parents name?
They'd raise such a lovely children".
Said an old woman when you helped them.


When you'd done something bad,

"See that Mr.X? He is the one that being rude to me last time.
I think that kind of behavior is what he'd been taught at _____".

[Fill in the blank with any Islamic school that you know]
Whispered Old Woman 1 to Old Woman 2.

What is your religion again?


Yup, it's not just your name that being condemned, but also
your religion!

I know it's pathetic, but that's the truth.

Do you want to be the reason why people are running away from the religion?

Now let us look back at what we'd done;

1.Wearing improper attire.[too tight, exposing your 'aurah, attracting the
opposite sex to look at you (actually there are more example under this point
but I'm too lazy to point out all of it)].

2.Improper way of speaking.[swearing, being sarcastic to people you're not used too (eg; lecturers, cleaners, Mak Cik Cafe)]

To list, just a few..

Once again, please ask yourself, do you want to be the reason, why people
are running away from the religion?!

Some people said, "Why should you bother with what I'm doing?
It's my life and my style. As long as I don't disturb others then it's ok!".

The heck?!

I don't care when people are condemning you for the wrong thing
you are doing.


I do care when people are slandering your Deen, which is also
my Deen just because of your wrongdoing.

My last word: Common Sense
(Okay, it's 2 words)

Our Deen is not based on just mere common sense.

It's built upon Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.

So, please my dear friends, think twice before you're about
to do something. Check whether it is against the Syariah or not.

[Oh my God! What a lame ending for this post. I'm sorry. Can't think
of a better ending :( ]


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